shortchagedMuscular Dystrophy sponsored group Trailblazers say high street shops are forcing disabled people to shop online because of poor access and bad attitudes of shop staff.

The Short Changed report, published today details the findings of their recent research into High street shopping for disabled people.

It is 5 years on from Equality Legislation that established disabled people’s rights to access public services, yet a survey of disabled shoppers found:

  • 75 percent felt forced or limited to shop online owing to a lack of physical access in and around their town centre
  • Two thirds said that physical access always or regularly affects where they decide to go
  • Nearly half say that staff attitude discourages them from revisiting local shops
  • 85 percent see disabled toilets, changing rooms or lifts being misused as storage space
  • 70 percent believe there is inadequate access information on websites

The Government Office for Disability issues conservatively estimates that disabled people around contribute around £80 billion pounds a year to the UK economy, so isnt it about time that the shops made an effort to benefit from their custom?



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