In 3 months comes the biggest threat to our benefits and our right to control our lives – if we dont act NOW!
The Government has a green paper out for discussion, which proposes to stop paying ‘disability benefits’ – the Government is deliberately vague about what benefits they are talking about – then when it beocmes law, they can attack any disability benefit.
The plan is to take the money away from disabled people and give it to social services – many disabled people have trouble getting the care they want from social services, without having this money and independence took away.
This is all about saving money because of the loads of dosh they gave to banks – so disabled people, who aren’t exactly rolling in it, are being unfairly hit to pay for rich bankers mess-ups.
Benefits and Work – the benefits advice organisation is starting a campaign to save our benefits

They are looking for disabled people to join up – I am!


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