The head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Equality and Diversity Unit says the CPS needs to raise it’s game on disability hate crime.

This follows numerous reports on this site and eleshwhere of examples of the CPS failing to prosecute cases where disabled people have been bullied.

With a new spotlight on disability hate crime because of the recent widely-reported deaths of disabled hate crime victims, the police CPS and other agencies realise it’s time to do better for our disabled citizens.

Here in wolverhampton disabled people have had a patchy response when reporting hate crime and bullying to the authorities, ranging from people getting the support they need, to no response whatsoever, to being told to stay indoors to avoid bullying.

If you are a disabled Wolverhampton citizen who is being bullied or may be a victim of hate crime, contact One Voice for advocate support to help you to get a satisfactory solution>>


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