deaf explorerRuth Montgomery, Billy Read, Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford, Rinkoo Barpaga, Semhar Beyene, Donna Williams, Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

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The Deaf Cultural Centre will give deaf artists support to work professionally, and to create new work in the future that can be presented at the DCC and other venues. Our objective is to encourage and support deaf artists to work in the arts more and promote Deaf culture by demonstrating an artistic-led approach to diversity and access. Explorers is a wealth of high quality creativity on offer to arts organisations, and venues. We hope networking, collaborations, commissions and grants follow after our intrepid explorers international travel & research. We also believe the explorers will open doors for deaf audiences; by creating spaces and events where Deaf people, hearing people & hard of hearing people can all mix and socialize together and learn more and explore more about Deaf culture.

We invited deaf creative’s to apply, challenging them to present proposals that would stretch their artistic practice, encouraging them to be inspired by international artists.The response was brilliant with extremely high quality proposals from the West Midlands &  across the UK. We think Explorers is a fantastic opportunity and hope you do too. If you are an arts organisation or promotor and wish to meet an explorer to show or develop their work please contact us.

Thank you Arts Council England, West Midlands.

Contact Explorer Team

Rachael Veazey, Alison Smith & Alan McLean

07757 254852


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