The Con-Dem Government has talked a lot about cutting welfare spending, and reducing the cost to tax payers.

Mostly, it has cut how much the rich pay in taxes, although it hasn’t talked much about that.

Also, it hasn’t talked about how most of the welfare benefits bill goes on older people – and older people should have a livable pension, but the Government doesn’t talk about it, because it interferes with the picture they are painting of people on welfare benefits being the feckless-workless, or the disabled-don’t – wanna-works.

So it has spent 5 years hammering the poor, and cutting so deeply that many have to use foodbanks, and still their sums dont add up.

They have overspent on welfare by £25 Billion. That is £25 billion they have spent without planning to, so they are £25 billion out in their sums.

And where has all this extra welfare spending gone?

Well 1.4 billion of it has gone on housing benefit to people with Jobs. Yes that’s right, the Govt keep telling us how low unemployment is, but many in jobs are not actually earning enough to pay their rent.

The government saved around around 350,000,000 from people moving into work, but it has cost the gov. 1,400,000,000 in housing benefit to people in jobs that are so low paid, they cannot survive. So its cost 4 times more than it saved then.

That doesnt add up to good economic policy


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