Karen Cross from the Community Initiatives Team in realtion to a consultation regarding the proposals for the development of Community Hubs across the city. Attached to the email is a link to complete the consultation online. I would urge everyone to spend time to complete it ,and circulate this email to others on your contact list. By doing this we can ensure that we are giving as many as possible from underrepresented communities the opportunity to give their comments , make suggestions and share ideas. It will also ensure that any inequalities can be identified and addressed accordingly and comments from underrepresented groups within the city can also be taken into consideration when any decisions are made.

In addition to the online consultation a separate meeting with Karen Cross specifically for the members of the EDF and their network members  has been arranged for the morning of Thursday 13th September 10.00am- 12 noon at Blakenhall Healthy Living and Community Centre .This meeting has been arranged to give individuals from underrepresented characteristic groups the opportunity to attend a meeting in private as it is appreciated that many from underrepresented characteristic groups would not feel comfortable attending a meeting in the wider community or have the confidence to speak up. I appreciate that some of you may already of completed the consultation or attended a meeting so I apologise for any duplication.

There is also an online consultation; here a hyperlink to the Hubs Consultation Homepage:


It would be very helpful if you could get this information out to members of the E&D Forum with a clear message about the opportunities to engage in the consultation process


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