We heard at a Wolverhampton Tenants Federation event on 22nd September, that Wolverhampton Homes’ LEAP has been a great success.

LEAP is Learning, Employment, and Achievement Programme. It is run by Wolverhampton Homes, and helps jobless tenants who want to get into employment. The programme is well thought out and offers help with self-confidence, basic skills like English and Maths, applying for jobs etc. People who sign up for LEAP are then offered 8 weeks work experience at Wolverhampton Homes. some have then been offered at least 12 months paid work.

We heard from a lay whose whole family were without paid work. They all signed up to LEAP, and she was at the event as a permanent Wolverhampton Homes employee. We also heart from a young man who was on an apprenticeship with a local building firm, as part of Wolverhampton’s commitment that its contractors also help local people to leave unemployment and start work.

This kind of programme promises well for the future of Wolverhampton.

Also at the event, Bromford Housing talked about their scheme to get their Tenants back into work. They insist new tenants must sign up to their back to work programme if they want a tenancy. They are intending to roll this out to existing tenants also. It raises questions about whether a Housing Association should be receiving public money to force people to do something if they want a home.



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