update regarding city centre improvements:-


  • A new controlled crossing facility has been installed on Pipers Row, near the junction of Queen Street, which will improve access to the bus station.
  • A new controlled crossing facility has also been installed at the end of Queen Street (bus station end).
  • Traffic flow in Queen Street has been reversed and now heads towards the bus station from Market Street.
  • The controlled crossing at the opposite end of Queen Street (junction with Market Street and Princess Street) has currently been taken out of commission so that it can be upgraded as part of the city centre scheme and will include facilities for cyclists in the future.  This new controlled crossing should be complete by the end of September.
  • Between 09.30 and 16.00 hours Princess Street from Market Street to Berry Street has been pedestrianized and now becomes part of the city centre pedestrianization area.  This has the added benefit of significantly reducing the levels of conflict with traffic when crossing between the two sections of Queen Street as pedestrians move between the city centre and the Interchange.
  • Queen Street has been built with new wider footways and all street furniture moved to just behind the kerb edge, leaving a clear walking zone in front of the shops.  We are also working with Licensing to ensure that ‘A’ boards and other potential obstructions, to people with visual impairments, are kept out of this clear walk route.
  • New disabled person’s parking bays have been set up in Market Street.


Works are still on-going at the Bilston Street end of Market Street and Princess Street where it meets Lichfield Street as part of the new road layout.  In the New Year work will be undertaken to rebuild Market Street and Princess Street in a similar style to Queen Street with better walking areas and improved appearance.


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