The new Channel 4 sitcom featuring a largely disabled cast has its first episode tonight.

Taking a sideswipe at programmes like castaway – castoffs is a pretent reality tv show which strands a bunch of disabled people on a desert island for three months, so i expect there will be a lot of sex, and a lot of the kind of humour about us that only we can get away from.

The programme carries a lot of weight on its shoulders, because there is so little on tv featuring real disabled actors playing real disabled people with real lives, that whenever something does bob to the surface, we all have ridiculously high hopes for it.

I just hope its not all worthy and preachy, and that it is funny – it’s written by some of the people who wrote shamless and skins, so it has every chance.

You can see episode 1 on Tuesday 24th November, at 11.05pm on Channel 4


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