west midlands busIf you are like me and have to rely on public transport, then you would have probably found it difficult over the Christmas period. At no point did I see on buses or bus stops the Christmas timetables.

I ended up having to wait in the cold on Monday 3rd January for 30 minutes waiting for a bus, as the service to get me home was on Sunday service for the 6th time in 9 days. Now I didn’t see any signs up anywhere about services over the holidays, and what’s more when the bus turned up they wouldn’t accept my pass and I then had to pay the inflated prices for this year to get home.
This is obviously what you get for going to see a relative off at the train station (we got a taxi there). That is why I didn’t know about the reduced service until I was trying to get home again.
Also where is the travel information office, because I haven’t seen it anywhere or any signs for it.
With all the money they are spending on the new bus station they should have put up more signs.


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