Pg-2-custody-paBBC News Today programme reports that over 590 black people have died in custody over the last few years – that is the figure for the UK, not for apartheid South Africa.

If it was 590 women or 590 wheelchair users, would there be a national outcry?

But its 590 black people, 49% of whom have mental health problems.

The police officer on the today programme – chillingly called Alf Hitchcock, included in his response that “the police don’t always get things right”, this seems a wholly inadequate response, to such a criminal level of death.

The Today programme also questioned Mr Hitchcock about how many police officers had been convicted of any of these deaths.

The answer is none.

If we as citizens dont stand up and say it is a crime that so many black and mentally ill citizens are dying in this way, we have no right to call ourselves an Equal Rights – or civilised – nation.


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