Bins make access rubbishWhy should it be that bin day in an area is a no-go day for many disabled people?

For many people with mobility or visual impairments, it is difficult to impossible to get around on bin day. Pavements are blocked, dropped kerbs are blocked and anyone using sticks or a wheelchair does not have complete access to the footpaths in that area – for some people, it means they cannot get about at all, or can only move around by walking/wheeling on the road, which is far from ideal, and not very safe.

Does the problem lie with the size of the bins, the places householders leave them for emptying, or the places that the bin men leave the emptied bins?

Surely a better system needs to be in place to prevent this discrimination in terms of freedom of movment?

What about systems like Spain where there are no private bins to empty – you take your rubbish to large recycling bins at the end of the road, which are emptied every other day. Of course we would need to make syre these communal bins were accessile, but they certainly dont block the pavement, as they are placed on the roadside.


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