imgresA UN raporteur has just finished a 2 week study on the bedroom tax said in her preliminary findings, that it was unfair and had a disproportionately harsh impact on disabled people and others.

UN Human Rights experts are too often ignored by the country they are investigating. They go about their business like shadows – no one really notices they are there, no one remembers what they said. But a recent UN visit to the UK exploded into the headlines, when the Tory Party Chairman, Grant Schapps, went on multiple media outlets to huff and puff about how unfair and inaccurate her report was. MP Schapps should know all about inaccuracies, he’s the one who -it was reported – posed as Michael Green, a ‘multi-million-dollar web marketer’ at an internet conference, and on his business website [Daily Mail, 23rd September, 2012].

And the Tory Party knows all about unfairness – they have led a Government that has changed the laws multiple times in a way that makes disabled people poorer and more vulnerable.

The bedroom tax is the latest example, and while the government has not listened to the people it is hurting, maybe it will listen to a housing expert from the UN


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