Barclays ATM accessBarclays has fulfilled its commitment to the Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) Make Money Talk campaign by making around 80% of Barclays cash machines audio enabled. Barclays is the first major high street bank to provide this facility.

Over 3,000 Barclays ATMs that have an earphone jack can now ‘talk’. This means people can plug their headphones into the raised jack on the ATM and hear the on-screen instructions through their earphones. As we upgrade the rest of our network, all replacement ATMs will also have a jack. This means that in time, 100% of our ATMs will be audio enabled.

It’s not just people with sight loss that will be able to benefit from the audio ATMs. People with dyslexia, learning disabilities or other cognitive impairments may also prefer to follow audio instructions instead of visual ones. And they don’t need to be a Barclays customer to benefit from this new functionality – anyone with a bank card that enables them to use the LINK ATM network can use Barclays ATMs.

People will be able to find their nearest audio ATM using the ATM finder tool at or through the website. They will need a card that is PIN-enabled – if their current card is signature only, they can request from their bank a card that has a PIN for ATMs but still asks for a signature when using it in shops.

Bob Bond, Barclays Chief Customer Network Officer, said: “This enhancement to our ATMs provides greater access and choice when using ATMs. We hope the increased independence and privacy it offers will enable a new group of people to access ATMs and undertake an essential activity that so many of us take for granted”.


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