Disabled people who refer to ATOS as “don’t give a…”, have been proved right yet again, with Government figures showing that only 25% of Employment Support Allowance (ESA)  assessment claims are being processed within the Government’s 13-week target.

The figures reveal that over  30,000 people dealt with between February 2012 and June 2013 had to wait more than a year for their claim to be completed. A further 35,700 waited between nine and 12 months.

This leaves disabled people waiting for up to a year on less money than they need, because no one is punishing ATOS for their failures.

When they do get around to assessments, they are often say the disabled person does not requirements. After up to another year, 40% of these people have their benefits reinstated by Appeals Tribunals.

The cost to the taxpayer of having Tribunal Hearings has risen by 300%  from £21m in 2009/10 to £66m in 2012/13.

The cost to taxpayer of ATOS medicals was  £112.4 million in 2012

ATOS is charging the Government (ie us) £200, 000 for its computer IT system.

An ESA claimant can expect to get UNDER £400 a month.

After a year, a couple will lose their ESA if thier joint income is more than the princely sum of £7,500 they lose all ESA.

Is this the way in which we want out tax to be sent?



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