Accione MutanteThey say you should never judge a book by its cover and maybe the same can be said for films and their covers. On the front of my copy (see left) is a large red and black motif featuring a red star with the universal wheelchair symbol albeit with a new twist of a gun included. Interesting, I thought so.

Waging war against all things glamorous and beautiful, attacking institutions that promote standards of beauty and physical norms, Accion Mutante leader, Ramon and his group who include amongst others a deaf-mute, a dwarf, Siamese twins and wheelchair user, invade the wedding party of Patricia Orujo, beautiful daughter of a wealthy wholewheat bread manufacturer. They abduct her and head for the planet Axturias to collect the ransom. On the way Ramon double-crosses and kills off most of his followers. But the ship crash lands on a mining planet inhabited by sex offenders where Ramon and Patricia who by now has ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ try to survive amid the crazies on the surface.

There isn’t a great deal of substance to the film, it is totally non PC of course, the background is sketchy, the story slight, it includes some traces of wacky humour that try to help it limp along as well as some excessive violence.
I was left wondering whether the film was trying to be sci-fi, comedy or the ‘Mad Max’ genre but sadly it achieved none of these. As I say the film starts off with a few laughs at the expense of the costumes and stereotyping of the ‘beautiful people’ but thereafter becomes mind numbingly dull, if I was in the cinema I’d be wondering when the lights are going to come back on.

The sad part is the underlying statement about society and the portrayal of the physical body in the media is valid, this film promised a lot but ending up delivering nothing. As I’m writing this review my own personal feeling is that I don’t even want to waste any more of my time trying to write about it. Now you understand what I said at the beginning about ‘never judging a book by it’s cover’.

Accion Mutante
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
Country of Origin: Spain
Original Date of release: 1993
English Subtitles


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