A Carers View PointThe Carers meeting at the Molineux on the 13th November was very well attended and a lot of interesting things were brought to the table by the people who came along. Most of the points that were raised concerned two major issues, first the new Welfare Reforms which are really going to impact not only the Carer but also their family member or friend who they are caring for.

Nitta Patel from Carers also brought forward some very interesting points hoping to make people aware of what the City Council are planning concerning making the Pedestrians of the City Centre.

People wondered if the council had thought about a crossing from Wolverhampton bus station to Queen Street, as we felt it was quite dangerous to cross especially for carers with their clients and for some people who have a disability. We do realise that there is a crossing further down by the street by where the Grand Theatre is situated. That does lead to the bus station, but this crossing does not immediately lead to the main shopping areas into the city.



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