pipPersonal Independence Payment (PIP) starts to be introduced in pilot areas from April 2013 and throughout the country from June 2013. It will gradually replace DLA for those claimants aged 16– 64.

A DWP impact assessment states ‘we expect around 500,000 fewer individuals to be in receipt of Personal Independence Payment by 2015/16 compared to what would have happened under DLA.’

Those who are age 65+ and are on PIP stay on it- ‘Individuals already in receipt of Personal Independence Payment will continue to receive the benefit past the upper age limit of 65, provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.’

Age                                     Number of Recipients                      Percentage of Recipients

Children (under16)                   335,000                                                     10%

Working Age (16 – 64)         2,010,000                                                    67%

Pensioner (65 or over)            857,000                                                    23%

Total                                            3,202,000                                                  100%


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