Health & Wellbeing Services

doctors, dentists, therapists, prescriptions etc


Disabled Access

If the shoe was on
the other foot …


Disabled Access is about people’s attitudes
as well as barrier free buildings and spaces


We have a transport group  that deals with accessible transport and works with local transport providers



We advise service providers on accessible communication


We challenge inaccessible services and work with providers for imporovements


We have a say on public building projects and work with desingers

One Voice access design and info

Getting design right

Helping people to design in a way that removes disabling barriers

Access Design Guides

Info to help you with accessible design

Working with decision makers

We work with decision makers for more accessible venues and services

Laws that help

Use our information on the legal framework for accessible environments

Public Equality Duty

Learn about the duties of public bodies

Equality Impact Assessments

working with decision makers to ensure policies dont disadvantage disabled people

Design Access Statements

Consulting with project managers in the design process

You can

Use our design images

Improve access in your area
Help decision makers to remove disabling barriers


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