One Voice

. . . is run by and for disabled people, and has lots of information for disabled people, friends, family, carers, colleagues, organisations, and anyone who wants to know about disabled people’s lives.

Not for profit

Who are we

One Voice is a disabled people’s organisation serving Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

One Voice is a community interest company – all our income goes into services and help for disabled people.

We are a democratic organisation run by and for disabled people since we began in 1994. 

The disabled people of Wolverhampton elect our Directors and board members, and decide what work we should be doing to help disabled people and to help organisations to improve services and venues for disabled people.

We aim to improve the lives and chances of disabled people through working with partners to create change.


What we do



We provide information and advice in appropriate formats on things relating to disabled people’s lives.


disabled access

We train service providers or disabled people in how to audit a service to make it accessible


services for organisations

We can help you to make your service more inclusive


having a say

We help disabled people and groups to have a say about things that affect their lives.

£50 helps a disabled person to maintain independence

Help us to help a disabled person maximise their income, manage debt, exercise their rights, and be involved

Tailored training to make your organisation more inclusive

You can make sure that disbled people are included in your service by hiring us to audit it and provide an action plan

Recent Blog Posts

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Money and the Corona Virus

Money may become an issue during the period of the corona virus, if companies lay people off. And if you are put on Statutory sick Pay, you will have a lot less money coming in to pay for your rent/mortgage, and other essential payees. The Government is advising that you do an emergency household

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